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Business Start-up and Planning

Becoming an Entrepreneur is exciting but not without its challenges. As with anything in life, foundations need to be built on solid ground and for a business that means getting the right advice at the start.. 

We can develop for you a strategic plan for the structure and governance of your business including:

  • ​Policies and procedures

  • Directors / trustee set-up

  • Governance guidelines

  • Risk Management

A business plan is the best tool available to ensure that you develop your business on a solid foundation and provides you with the following:


  • An outline of your business

  • The market in which it will operate

  • How it aims to make money 

  • Identify funding requirements

  • A good tool to share with banks and funders

The plan should also identify why your business will succeed when so many others fail. We will meet you to understand your business proposal and help provide the following:-

  • Advise on the options available for your needs

  • Advise on the most appropriate structure solution

  • Register your business with the appropriate governing body and relevant tax offices

For further information, please call us on 0151 724 3330 or email:

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